Autopull: The new concept to share a beer

   Advantages for the pub owner

  • High profit in the consume of beer. More liters of beer sold and less effort invested.
  • You can reduce the staff required because is the client who serves its own beer.
  • The bar will be free so you have space and time to give more importance to serve food and other products.
  • Enjoyable games integrated in the software to encourage customer loyalty.
  • The installation and implementation is very simple. We make completely turnkey personalized installations. Our technicians will study your case and will bring you the best solution.
  • You will have at your disposal telephone assistance to solve any issue you could have.

Advantages for the client

  • Total control of the consume. With the on-screen rankings the customer will know at any moment how many litters of beer have been consumed.
  • Will have also the option to choose between the two modalities: free or prepay modes.
  • An Autopull pub is a place always different and always fun.
  • The rankings on screen encourage the competition between tables and friends. These rankings show the higher consume in the moment and in the history files of the pub.
  • The customer will have the oportunity to learn to pour a beer and keep trying until he/she achieves the goal accompanied by food, friends and entertainment.

For a better aproach to consume modalities, visit the modes section in the interact with the system area.